Musician Finders Music Groups

Menuett Trio

This distinctive combination of instruments is an excellent alternative to a string quartet. Though the repertoire is virtually identical, their sound is wonderfully different. Compared to an intimate baroque chamber group, the trio's sound can accommodate any setting. Fewer instruments may suggests a lesser sound, but don't be fooled, this trio has a distinguished presence, and unparalleled sound. The Menuett Trio has played at numerous weddings, dinners, and a variety of academic and corporate functions of varying size. These three superb musicians excel at adapting to any venue and circumstance. For more information on this group, please follow this link.

The Courante Flute Quartet

Growing from the popular Menuett Trio, the Flute Quartet provides a larger, richer sound. Although similar to the classic string quartet, the flute adds a distinctive touch, or sparkle, to the sound. This ensemble has repertoire ranging from Bach to the Beatles, and performs Mozart's famed Flute Quartet K.285/295 (Einstein's favorite music) throughout their set. Looking for something unique? This ensemble is the answer.

Dealrach Duo

Taking from their Gaelic name, this duo performs traditional and folk music. Combining songs from Irish, Gaelic, and Cape Breton descent, their performances are guaranteed to get your feet moving. There is nothing more beautiful than traditional Irish Airs to walk you down the aisle, and then a Gaelic Hornpipe to announce your marriage. If you looking for something special, uplifting or just slightly off the beaten track, this duo is perfect for your special day. Warning people listening may be inclined to jig and/or reel!


Smooth jazz with large variety is what you'll enjoy while listening to this trio. The perfect blend of tunes in every set, Erinesa's repertoire will astound you. From toe tapping, to finger snapping, to all out dancing, this ensemble is a huge hit at weddings and conferences alike!

Duo Divertimento

This duo specializes in Baroque and Romantic pieces. Creating an early sound, this ensemble echoes classic movies such as Emma, and Pride and Prejudice. Their light and antique sound make this duo unique in its performance abilities and repertoire. If you love a classic sound, and are a romantic, this duo is the perfect fit.

The Newfoundland String Quartet

The traditional string quartet is a sight, and sound, to behold. The four beautiful instruments together create a full, rich sound that is perfect for every setting, and every venue. From classical to contemporary their repertoire covers the spectrum of choices and tastes. There is a reason why the string quartet is a popular, and remains a classic choice for event planners and brides alike.